South Beach Yacht Club Race Committee

The South Beach Yacht Club Race Committee is dedicated to running top quality sailing events

while providing a fair and safe race environment for the competing sailors and race volunteers.

Without the help of Race Committee volunteers, our 25 sailing events each year would not be possible.

South Beach Yacht Club's Race Committee has a long tradition seeking to provide excellent race management

over the Club's 35-year history. Committee members are active participants

in both US Sailing and Yacht Racing Association events. New Race Committee members

are always welcome regardless of experience.

The senior members provide both orientation and on-the-job training

and performance tracking for the new committee members.

South Beach Yacht Club is the organizing authority for some of the most popular Bay Area regattas:

Our 12 race “beer can” summer racing, the 5 race winter series, the Red Bra Regatta, the Jazz Cup Regatta

and other events that are scheduled over the year.

Who can volunteer for Race Committee?

Anyone can volunteer. You can be a member, non-member, young, old, sailor, or non-sailor.

There are many positions on the Race Committee that can be filled by a wide variety of people.

When and how often do I have to volunteer?

You can volunteer at any time during the year. We provide an online sign-up form and you can volunteer

for as few as one event per year, although we encourage you to come out at least a few times a year.

When you sign up for an event, you do not have to volunteer your entire weekend; you can sign up

for one day only of a regatta. Not only can you sign-up for an event but you can also sign up as an alternate;

someone we can call when we are short-handed.

I have never volunteered for RC before. How will I know what to do?

We welcome all levels of experience. The best way to learn is hands-on. Come on out to an event

and one of our experienced Race Committee Members will be happy to teach you the ropes.

For more formal training, we offer Race Committee Clinics.

Next training is March 26, 2023

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