SBYC Community Sailing Foundation

501.(3)c Established 2022. Documents to be loaded

The mission is to increase the diversity of participants in our Youth Sailing Program. We have been reaching out to various organizations and churches who work with under-served youth and those from low income families to provide awareness of our community based youth sailing program scholarships.


We are finding several roadblocks to reaching minority and lower income youth which prevent them from participating in sailing programs. Parents are not willing to sign up their young children because they don’t know how to swim and cost is a factor. 


We have obtained 501(3) c designation for our community sailing programs. The funds received in this organization will be used for scholarships for the Youth sailing programs Bay area-wide. An independent board oversees the 501(3) c and is comprised of the Executive Director of the Youth program, the Rear Commodore and the Treasurer.
Other board and or volunteer members may be added as needed.


This will help grow the diversity of our Youth Sailing Program and provide sailing opportunities to the greater community.

Contact: Executive Director Wendy Hanrahan


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